Don’t think you have time to meditate? You need to meditate

If only there was another word for meditation. It scares people, yet it is something that  we could be taught in school, from the early days. What a wonderful tool to take with us into adulthood to improve our lives and help us cope better with the stresses we face daily.

Anyone can learn to meditate. The hardest thing is facing the fear (read about this in my ‘facing fears’ blog here) and asking ourselves what we are afraid of.

Meditation isn’t all about having a still mind, void of thought.

What it is about, is taking time out, making it happen and focussing on being present. There are so many variations, it’s not hard to find a method that works for you. But it does take a bit of effort. I know, nothing in life that is worthwhile comes without effort. I promise you, it’s worth it!

For me it started after a friend recommended a meditation course she had done. I went along and loved it, but it wasn’t until 6 months later when I had surgery (to repair some trauma after childbirth) that I really put it into practice. Then it became invaluable and helped with my recovery beyond words.

Daily meditation keeps me grounded and is extremely calming

My preference is guided meditation and there are some great resources (my favourites) available here. Yogaglo (click here) also works wonders, with limitless ‘meditations’ from 5 minutes to 60 minutes on varying topics.

Nope, you don’t have to sit on the floor cross legged with your palms face up, insence burning. You can just sit in a chair in a quiet space and set your timer. There are no rules.

man meditating

Start with 2 minutes. Put the timer on, sit with closed eyes and focus on your breath.

Thoughts are fine. Keep returning to the breath. Timer goes off and ‘hey presto’, you just meditated! Throw out all the rules meditation has for you and start from scratch. With an open mind.

Celebrate your achievements.

Meditation really is an incredible tool to that helps reduce stress and improve our daily lives. Starting is the hardest part. You don’t have to  do a course, you can teach yourself. Be kind and stick to 2 minutes in the beginning or give the guided style a go. You will thank yourself and it’s worth celebrating!



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